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2020, Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A

A study on impact of globalization among youngsters in Coimbatore

Author(s): Mangayarkarasi V

Abstract: Globalization is something that we all have to deal with and should encourage if we wish to continue world economic development. By integrating culture, economies, politics, societies and technology we can see globalization in action. This study is an attempt to know the cultural behavior among youngster’s adapting to foreign culture, the impact of youngster’s perception on foreign brand against Indian domestic market, youngster’s plan to go abroad to pursue higher studies, level of acceptance of foreign brands and majority of the youngsters do adapt and accept the foreign culture. From the analyzed inference electronic gadgets are more likely purchased when it comes to foreign brands. Hence, the Indian domestic market gets affected by the products like electronic gadgets. Majority of the youngsters does not plan to go abroad to pursue higher studies. Globalization has increased the trade of ideas and technologies in India. Impact of globalization involves both positive and negative impact. In a bigger picture the world, trade and direct investments are getting stronger through relationships of nations. Developing nations are believed to become a developed nation by adopting and opening doors to the countries of the world.

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Asian Journal of Management and Commerce
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Mangayarkarasi V. A study on impact of globalization among youngsters in Coimbatore. Asian J Manage Commerce 2020;1(1):36-38.
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