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2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Does meaningful work fuel the altruistic behavior of employees at workplace?

Author(s): Rochelle Anushini Bartholomeusz and Waruni Ayesha Edirisooriya

Abstract: In the corporate world, it is hard to expect altruistic behaviors as the game of business is frolicked in a dynamic and competitive arena. Today, majority of the employees concerned only about themselves and took COVID-19 crisis as an excuse for their selfish behavior. But, it has been proved that altruistic employees are the only ones who can successfully survive in pandemic situations. Thus, suitable strategies are required to nurture altruistic behaviors at workplace. In Sri Lankan context, scant numbers of evidences are available connecting meaningful work and altruistic behavior together. Hence, the present study examined the effect of meaningful work on altruistic behavior of employees using the cross sectional survey strategy. Through convenience sampling researcher collected data from 149 private sector banking employees in Sri Lanka. Results of regression analysis proved that meaningful work can create 34.1% of an effect on employee’s altruistic behavior. Simply, when employees receive meaningful work they are intrinsically inspired to demonstrate altruistic behaviors at workplace.

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Rochelle Anushini Bartholomeusz, Waruni Ayesha Edirisooriya. Does meaningful work fuel the altruistic behavior of employees at workplace?. Asian J Manage Commerce 2021;2(2):01-05.
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