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2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part A

Sick industry: Problems and solutions in Haryana

Author(s): Dr. Hema Singla

Abstract: Now the days, In India, maximum population of the country based on agriculture. But industries also play a important role in his life. Maximum products produce by industries. In India, there are lot of industries. Small industries, some are big industries of MNC. There is a big problem that is industrial sickness. In these days industrial sickness a universal phenomenon or you can say universal problem. In India, there are lot of sick industries. Some are sick from birth stage and some after working same condition in Haryana, There are some sick industries. Example: Parle-G (Biscuit, Chocolate) Bahadurgarh - Near 2005-2006, it was sick because of lack of working capital, Lack of sale, Competitor. Working of Parle was not good. After the help of Haryana Govt., now it is working well. There are lot of small scale industries also, which are sick because of proper knowledge of business, training, lack of capital etc. There are lot of reasons for sickness. If we will take about birth sickness, long gestation period, choose location, lack of capital etc. Are the reasons for this sickness - Sickness after working is also gives harmful effect to the industry? It also gives very bad effect to the industry and Indian economy also. So govt. provides help such type of industries, which are sick for their proper working and new start. Not only govt. some banks and other financial institution also provides financial help like, little interest loan, subsidies by Govt.

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