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2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part B

Advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce Growth: The status of E-Commerce in the Background of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Author(s): Gangadhara

Abstract: In order to advance communication and information technology, electronic commerce is crucial. This is especially valid in the context of the economy. Many markets have steadily internationalized and become competitive in the era of economic globalization. E-commerce can help the economy on a local level even though the COVID-19 epidemic further forces industries in severely affected areas to insource towards local output because global trade was shut down. Nearly every firm is now able to buy, sell, and communicate on a worldwide scale because to innovations in the internet, information technology, and logistics and deliveries. As a result, cultures now show an unexpected interest in electronic trade. However, despite the fact that e-commerce has dominated the market, online services and trade have both significant advantages and disadvantages. This essay clarifies the main characteristics of e-commerce as well as its negative effects on both businesses and consumers. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages is crucial since what may be an advantage for the customer may be a disadvantage for the company. Before making any business decisions, prosperous company organizations are highly aware of the advantages and disadvantages. The conclusion of the essay reads, ‘Despite the drawbacks of e-commerce, the many benefits of this industry successfully draw the attention of both businesses and consumers. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, it is possible that in the near future we may see a significant reduction in technological flaws.

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Gangadhara. Advantages and disadvantages of E-commerce Growth: The status of E-Commerce in the Background of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Asian J Manage Commerce 2021;2(2):136-140.
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