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2021, Vol. 2, Issue 2, Part B

A study to determine the impact of transformational leadership on patents in start-up companies in Bangalore city

Author(s): Prasad L and Dr. Noor Firdoos Jahan

Abstract: In today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world, ability of businesses to sustain revenues, profits, and market share depends solely on how innovative the businesses are. Another key factor that is forcing the hands of businesses to toe the innovation line is the fierce competition that exists in most industries across the world. Increased competition means that consumers have a wide choice of products and services to choose from. Also, consumer behaviour across industries has seen tremendous change, with consumers demanding better quality products and services at affordable prices. To add to this, product life cycles are shrinking and the rate at which technologies are becoming obsolete is also increasing alarmingly. In such a scenario, for businesses to survive, they need to build core competencies, which in turn deliver a competitive advantage over their competitors. Hence, innovation has become the mantra and foundation on which successful companies are built. This is where Indian businesses find themselves lacking. According to the Global Innovation Index rankings for 2021 released by the World Intellectual Property Organisation in September 2021, India’s ranking is 46. According to the International Intellectual Property Index report released by the US Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Centre (GIPC) in March 2021, India has been ranked 40th amongst 53 global economies. The lack of focus on research & development, innovation, and patents could be one of the factors for the high rate of failure (more than 90%) amongst start-ups in India. Alongside the above, leadership skills too could be having an impact on whether or not start-up ventures in India in general and Bangalore City in particular are able to sustain themselves in the long run with respect to being innovative and having patents. This research paper tries to examine the relationship between leadership and patents. A survey was conducted wherein a questionnaire comprising demographic questions and questions pertaining to the leadership style of the founders of start-ups companied was sent to 476 founders in Bangalore City and the responses were analysed using Regression Analysis and Anova. In addition, the hypothesis was tested using the t-test. The analysis of the results and the testing of the hypothesis did not point towards a positive correlation between Transformational Leadership and patents.

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Prasad L, Dr. Noor Firdoos Jahan. A study to determine the impact of transformational leadership on patents in start-up companies in Bangalore city. Asian J Manage Commerce 2021;2(2):92-96.
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