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2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part A

A study of stress in cabin crew members of the aviation industry

Author(s): Pavithra Kumari and PS Aithal

Abstract: Long haul flights and night shifts that often cause fatigue. Other short-term effects may be sleep loss and decreased job performance. Problems of physical and mental health associated with shift work are mostly linked to the disruption of biological cycles followed by our circadian rhythm. These problems increase when crossing multiple time zones frequently. Some long-term effects of fatigue and circadian disruption include disturbed wellbeing, metabolic disturbances, gastrointestinal diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Nevertheless, some people are more tolerant to the irregular hours than others. Some factors that may affect one’s tolerance for shift work are age, gender, circadian rhythm and personality. It has been found that young people are more tolerant to the effects of jet lag. As for gender, women are more prone to have sleep related problems. A self-reported health data of two U.S. airlines to U.S. population. The results revealed that the female flight attendants reported diagnosed sleep problems nearly 6 times more compared to the general population while for the male flight attendants the corresponding number was close to 4. This study puts in an effort to find the stress in the cabin crew of the aviation Industry.

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Asian Journal of Management and Commerce
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Pavithra Kumari, PS Aithal. A study of stress in cabin crew members of the aviation industry. Asian J Manage Commerce 2022;3(1):09-11.
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