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2022, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Part C

Remote work and employee well-being: The blurred work-life boundaries

Author(s): Muhammed Rizwan NK and Dr. Chitra Sivasubramanian

Abstract: Remote work is significantly changing the way people work and perceive their environment in the recent past. The wake of the pandemic has tremendously accelerated an approach that has previously struggled to gain traction. The research aims to evaluate the relationship between remote work and its implications on the well-being of employees in light of the blurred lines of professional and personal spaces through an analysis of the literature that connects distance working and mental health. The paper is an exploratory qualitative review of remote working and its implications on the psychological well-being of employees within the context of the blurred line between work and personal life. The research probes into the link of remote work and well-being literature with the work-family conflict, work-life balance, and work-family boundary theories to explain the dimensions of e-working that interact with the mental health of employees, addressing a gap in literature relating to emerging workplace dynamics. Remote work is discussed in the light of a blurred work-life boundary as work and life are brought too closer in the arrangement. The findings suggest that on the positive side, remote work can be enriching and contribute to increased well-being owing to increased autonomy, job control and decreased conflict. On the downside, it makes work inseparable from life, allowing lower respite periods, social isolation, increased stress and exhaustion causing reduced well-being. Proper managerial support, communication, and well-designed work hours should be established to manage stress and exhaustion levels.

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Asian Journal of Management and Commerce
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Muhammed Rizwan NK, Dr. Chitra Sivasubramanian. Remote work and employee well-being: The blurred work-life boundaries. Asian J Manage Commerce 2022;3(1):137-146.
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