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2022, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part A

Impact of technology utilization in education

Author(s): V Jenifer, S Balamurugan, C Priyadharsan and KB Hariny

Abstract: Nature is a gift of God as like technology is also a gift from god, which is very useful and helpful in many ways such as personalizing learning, technology empowers student by providing them ownership of how do they learn, making education relevant to their digital lives using technology and access to resources beyond the classroom walls. Now a days, students were inspired by problem-solvers, collaborators, creators and critical thinkers or design thinkers and they also wants to become as like them in their future. Students love towards learning can be increased by integrating the technology into the classrooms successfully. Modern technology helps to focus the students towards the education easily. The field of education has revolutionized by technology. The process of teaching and learning is more enjoyable by the faculty and students with the help of technology.

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V Jenifer, S Balamurugan, C Priyadharsan, KB Hariny. Impact of technology utilization in education. Asian J Manage Commerce 2022;3(2):51-53.
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