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2022, Vol. 3, Issue 2, Part C

A study of skill development training partners under HPKVN

Author(s): Shyam L Kaushal and Abhilasha Sharma

Abstract: Skills are the expertise needed in order to do a job. A nation's skills and knowledge determine its economic progress and social advancement. The aim of skill development is to equip the workforce with the knowledge, certifications, and skills that are continually upgraded in order to get access to suitable jobs and keeping India competitive in the quick-paced global economy. The present study is an attempt to examine the working of HPKVN-sponsored skill-development initiatives in Himachal Pradesh from the perspective of the trainers. In this study, 26 questionnaires were rolled out to various training institutes in the state, out of which 17 filled-in responses were received. This research focuses on type of institutes associated, reasons to offer skill development programmes and means of information used for the purpose of creating awareness regarding skill development programmes offered. The study revealed that ITIs were the major service providers, the trainers gather most of the information from government websites and start programmes and awareness was created amongst public through local bodies (Panchayats) and local TV channels etc.

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Shyam L Kaushal, Abhilasha Sharma. A study of skill development training partners under HPKVN. Asian J Manage Commerce 2022;3(2):188-191.
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